{ The Hill 2000 }

Established in 1970, the neighborhood organization, the Hill 2000, continues to be operated by neighborhood volunteers and has won many community awards.
The Hill 2000 is active in a variety of neighborhood betterment and charitable activities and has received national acclaim for its innovative neighborhood work and determination to “improve not move”.
The accomplishments of Hill 2000 are many. Perhaps the best known is the Sick and Elderly Program which serves as a reminder that the community cares.
The official boundaries of the area are Manchester Avenue on the north, Columbia and Southwest Avenues on the south, South Kingshighway Boulevard on the east, and Hampton Avenue on the west.
Italians, mainly from northern Italy and Sicily, immigrated and settled in the area starting in the late 19th century, attracted by jobs in nearby plants established to exploit deposits of clay discovered by immigrants in the 1830s.
With the growth of Italian immigration came the growth in the influence of the Catholic Church. St. Ambrose Church was built in 1926 and continues to be the backbone of the neighborhood today. That heritage remains evident today.

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Neighborhood Officials

GARY SCHWARTZ – {Neighborhood Stabilization Committee}  (314) 772-6960

MICHAEL FLOOD – {Neighborhood Improvement Specialist for Ward 10}  (314) 657-1360

JOSEPH VOLLMER – {Ward 10 Alderman}  (314) 622-3287

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